NAEA PAC is a multi-candidate PAC formed in 2005 to help enrolled agents support federal candidates who stand behind effective tax administration and policies favorable to the EA profession. Building on more than a decade of activity, the PAC continues its steady growth and is charging hard to meet its annual goal.

The PAC is a critical advocacy tool for NAEA and the only one that requires ongoing, widespread member support. On behalf of the NAEA membership, the PAC allows the association to reach out to lawmakers who sit on the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, two important congressional committees that hold jurisdiction over our nation’s tax policy, tax laws, tax administration, and oversight of IRS. The PAC is non-partisan and is committed to helping support legislators on both sides of the aisle. By supporting the PAC, NAEA members support NAEA’s leadership and play an active role with them in the political process. 

While NAEA PAC is administered by NAEA staff, the PAC Steering Committee provides oversight on its operations. The Steering Committee is made up of six NAEA members appointed by the association’s president. Disbursements to candidates are made based on a stringent set of criteria and must be approved by the Steering Committee. As a policy, NAEA PAC only supports Members of Congress who sit on the tax-writing committees because they directly influence the laws that can affect the enrolled agent profession and the clients enrolled agents represent before IRS.

Members can make a voluntary contribution online or by mail. All members who contribute to the PAC will be recognized on the NAEA PAC website. PAC members who contribute at least $50 will receive an exclusive NAEA PAC lapel pin. There are also exclusive club levels to signify a member’s level of support for the PAC:

Club Level
$1,000+ Congressional Club
$500 to $999
President’s Club
$250 to $499
Board of Directors’ Club
$100 to $249
Committee Chair’s Club

The PAC continues to strive toward meeting its annual goal. NAEA’s Board of Directors and the PAC Steering Committee would appreciate your support again this year so we can meet and exceed this year’s goal in both the total number of contributions and the total number of contributors. Can we count on you again this year to help our members achieve this milestone? We hope we can. As America’s tax experts, let’s all work together again and make sure our voices are heard in Washington by contributing to NAEA PAC. 

If you have any questions or comments about the PAC, please email

For personal checks, please complete a 2018-2019 NAEA PAC Contribution Form and mail it with your check to:

1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036

NAEA PAC is a multi-candidate political action committee that helps elect federal candidates who support effective tax administration and policies favorable to enrolled agents. Contributions to NAEA PAC are voluntary and are not deductible from federal taxes. All contributions must be drawn from personal accounts and must not exceed $5,000 per calendar year. Contributions from corporations and foreign nationals are prohibited. Members may refuse to contribute without reprisal. By NAEA PAC policy, 100 percent of all member contributions to NAEA PAC are used to support candidates; administrative and promotional expenses are absorbed by NAEA or are contributed independently.